PROMASCOT wants you to be informed about the production time needed to
complete your Mascot costume from the beginnings of construction to the
 final delivery of your new Mascot costume. 
 Below is the step-by-step process involved in this proceess:

1) Your company can request a Catalog or information from PROMASCOT.
We have the capabilities to send you our PROMASCOT presentation in PowerPoint format.
2) At this point, PROMASCOT will create some free drawings in Black & White, or also in Color.
3) A quote will be generated based on your preference of choice for your Mascot costume design.
4) After you accept our quote, PROMASCOT will then draw up a contract
for your approval and signature along with your deposit which
 allows us to begin the construction process.
5) PROMASCOT will then mail you samples of material for your approval.
6) Your Mascot costume head will then be constructed, and you have the opportunity to approve it.
7) PROMASCOT then begins construction of the body of the costume
 including all the accessories of your Mascot outfit.
You will then be able to approve the final product.
8) After your approval of your costume, PROMASCOT will
expect the final payment minus your deposit.
9) PROMASCOT will then either deliver OR ship your Mascot to you so the fun can begin!
This process usually takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks, from the
 time you view the catalog/information
until the delivery date.PROMASCOT is proud to offer you 100% quality
and service with our combined expertise and experience!!!