PROMASCOT is one of the largest designers of mascot characters in the world!
Since 1985 in Canada and 1997 in USA, PROMASCOT provides mascots around the world.
Their implication in Puerto Rico, UK, India, Europe and Asia plays
an unbelievable role everywhere.
Our staff members, with their expertise
and experience, bring PROMASCOT to the next level in this business.
PROMASCOT is the only company in the industry to
offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY to our customers.
PROMASCOT is the only company in the industry to
offer a service of animations worldwide by professional performers.
During your first call to PROMASCOT, you will quickly and effortlessly learn about the
mascot business.
You will learn how we here at PROMASCOT operate and what the best characters would be for your
We will give you loads of information of what impact a mascot can have on your business.
Whether you have an existing mascot, character or concept, or if you need to have one
created for you from scratch, we are PROMASCOT offer a complimentary design service which
provides you assurances up front that we understand your needs and objectives.
Our services includes our advice, our design concepts, and then
a quote. After reviewing our quote and giving us your approval, you will receive a contract from PROMASCOT
to start the procedures of bringing your mascot to life. We will send you
samples and materials to choose from to create the perfect mascot for YOU!
We really pay attention to the details to ensure the comfort
of the athlete while in the costume and the usability of the character.
After you have made a commitment to choose PROMASCOT,
one of our qualified staff members will take care of your project mascot with professionalism.
Our staff will work with you step-by-step during the the fabrication process. They will offer
guidance for the materials and allow your approval of each step
during the fabrication process. Our designers work closely with your staff to provide you
with a finalized concept which we can take to production.
Our talented team then proceeds to work the magic of what PROMASCOT does best,
bringing your concept to life in the production process.
A PROMASCOT artist will pay very close attention to detail during the costume production,
giving a real-life feeling to the product, keeping you notified of our progress.
. High-quality materials are always used at PROMASCOT.
Our support staff is just one more reason why PROMASCOT is successful in developing close relationships with its customers.
Even after the delivery of your mascot, PROMASCOT will continue to work with and provide exceptional services
for the development of your mascot at your location.
Our support team will teach you mascot marketing techniques,
mascot maintenance, and offer mascot training.
We at PROMASCOT will give you all possibilities to ensure the
success of your mascot.
We believe that supporting our customers after the sale is just as important as
getting the first sale.
 We offer our clients the best warranty in the business,
online resources and forums, a one-of-a-kind mascot manual, a care kit, care instructions and prop
design and creation services.
PROMASCOT also offers world-class onsite consulting for your mascot so you can achieve the maximum success for your business!