Go Beyond Imagination!
The Air Jet Body Stream is a ventilation system placed inside at the top of the mascot head. This system sucks in a great quantity of air through a hole of 22-mm in diameter. It has been designed to give maximum air circulation and to keep noises to a minimum.
The ventilator offers the necessary quantity of air  that reaches the face of the animator through the help of a convertor. Gradual variations in the ventilation intensity are made possible by the numeric potentiometer integrated circuit. These variations allow for different choices - whether the animator is operating in close quarters or in a hyperactive situation.
The converter and the battery pack are inserted in cloth pockets on a belt worn at the waist. A wire attached above the shoulder feeds the ventilator from the converter. Due to their sizes and the way they are placed, the converter switches can be operated outside the costume even through layers of material.
The system allows more oxygen that humans consume during exertion and maintains a secure body temperature for the animator.

The final touch is a directional pipe that directly refreshes the face of the animator or a specific part on the face. In essence, it is equivalent to having a big fan in front of the person, without all the noise, the extra weight, and the size.
Without having to worry about being able to breath and dealing with excessive heat, the PASSION of
animating a mascot costume can be revived!!!
Oh, to go beyond imagination!!!


• Read instructions - All of the safety and operating instructions should be read before operating the product.
• Insert the converter with the battery packs in the belt pockets. The converter is placed into the smallest pocket, and the batterypack(s) are placed into the largest one.
• Two short wires and one long one are linked to the converter. The two short ones are to be connected to the battery pack. One or two battery packs could be linked, depending on the length of time the system is required to operate.
• Connect the wires to the battery packs and close the belt pockets, leaving the long wire unconnected.
• Wear the belt on your waist and tie it with Velcro™ .
• Take the long wire coming out of the converter and tie the end to the collar of the clothes you are wearing underneath the costume. This wire will then be connected to the head of the mascot.
• The first time that you use our ventilation system, Air Jet Body Stream, and before you slip on the whole costume, it is recommended that you put the head on. Observe the tube that is close to your face; it is the directional pipe that will allow air to flow in when the system is fully operational.
• Now, find the wire that comes from the head of the costume and connect it to the long wire that you have attached to your collar.
• Once connected, activate the ON switch that is situated on the back of the convertor. If nothing happens, find the two switches that regulate the air intake and push on the one that augments the air intake untill the ventilation starts. You may have to hold the switch for a few seconds before the system is operational.
• To adjust the ventilation intensity to your liking, push on one or the other switch. Do not push on both at the same time they are meant to be used alternately.
• Once you have sufficiently familiarized yourself with the system, place the switch to OFF, disconnect the long wire from the head, being very careful not to unhook it from the collar of your clothing, and take off the head.
• Then you can put on the costume. Do not forget to localize the convertor switches through the folds of your costume. This may be difficult, bearing in mind the thickness of the material, but the switches are big enough to be operated through any material.
• Put on the head of the costume, reconnect the long wire, and activate the ON switch. Readjust the ventilation and be careful not to guide the directional pipe towards your eyes. Remember: It will no longer be possible to adjust the air conduct once you have the whole costume on but it will always be possible to access the convertor switches.

Battery Packs

The system comes with One nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery pack, but we also offer metal nickel-hydrure (Ni-MH) battery packs.

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries
These batteries will last 3 hours or more when brand-new. In order to avoid diminishing the charge capacity, it is recommended to fully discharge batteries before recharging them. This can be done in leaving the Air Jet Body Stream on until the batteries die. It takes 5 hours to recharge batteries. The battery charger included will automatically stop when batteries are fully charged.

To charge the Ni-Cd batteries correctly, place the charger selector to the Ni-Cd position and an indicator red light will appear during the charging and will turn off when the batteries are fully charged. Attention: If the procedure is not done properly the batteries longevity is not assured.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

When new, Ni-MH batteries last 4 hours. These batteries do not keep their memory charge as long as Ni-Cd batteries. It is recommended to discharge batteries completely for maximal longevity. If for any reason you need to recharge the batteries when not completely dead, it is possible to do so without affecting the memory charge. Recharging Ni-MH batteries takes 7 ½ hours. The supplied battery charger will automatically stop when the batteries are fully charged. To charge the Ni-MH batteries, place the charger selector to the Ni-MH position and an indicator green light will appear during the charging and will turn off when the batteries are fully charged.

Important Safety Instructions
• If the battery is hot to the touch after using the system, wait 20 minutes before charging. If the battery is hot after charging, you must also wait 20 minutes before using it in the system.
• Activating the air intake switch may take a few seconds once the system is completely stopped even if the On switch is on.
• Always make sure that the pipes are cleaned from any obstructions.
• Take your time manipulating the battery wires, connecting them or taking them off, in order to keep everything in working condition.
• It is possible that the indicator light on the charger remains on after the time allotted for charging the battery and that the charge might not be at its peak performance the first time used. This problem will NOT occur the second time you charge your battery pack.
• The product should be situated away from such heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other products that produce heat.
• The product should never be in contact with water or other liquids whether it is functioning or not.
• Do not attempt to service this product yourself by opening the convertor or the warranty will be automatically voided. Refer all repairs to the manufacturer.
• This product should be operated only with the type of power source indicated by manufacturer of Air Jet Body Stream.
• Put the system with its elements in their respective pockets to avoid electrical shocks that could damage the unit.